Showroom Visit

Our shop is conveniently located in the Tsim Sha Tsui district of Hong Kong, just 2 minutes' walk from the A1 exit of subway station. When you visit, you will find:

  • a cozy shop with ready-to-help staff
  • a selection of over a thousand fabrics for shirts and suits
  • assistance in selecting fabrics and styles as well as advice on dressing
  • measurements taken by professional staff
  • trial fittings and product fittings in line with your schedule
  • excellent after-sales services


Our clients are mainly business associates from multinational companies across the globe. Most of them are retail bankers, investment bankers, lawyers, accountants and other professional staff, with civil servants and senior executives also included.

Fabrics selection

We have a vast number of high quality fabrics available for selection. Customers are able to choose from brand, place of origin, material, price range, color and pattern when seeking out desired fabrics. Most of our fabrics originate from Italy and England. Common brands in our selection are Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis and Dormeuil. Materials include pure cotton, worsted, wool, linen, silk and cashmere.

Tailoring Process

Our team of tailors is highly experienced. Most of them have more than 30 years under their belts.They also follow the tradition of training young tailors in the master- protégé relationship. Nowadays our tailors are more skillful than ever. Apart from conventional fabric cutting and sewing, they adopt dimensional cuts in fabric and new machines are employed to improve the look and overall quality of our products. Our tailors can even advise customers in apparel design and dressing tips.

Basically our tailoring process can be summarized as follows:

  • Record accurate measurements and understand the needs and instructions of customer
  • Draft paper pattern and cut fabric
  • Create the "baste" model of the product for first fitting
  • Carefully adjust the baste model according to the body shape of the customer
  • Take special care in sewing up the garment
  • Fit customer with completed products
  • Make any final adjustments, if necessary
  • Keep the final details and measurements for any future re-ordering

Customer Services

In our website, customers can

  • Place an order
  • Check order progress and historical order record
  • Change personal details
  • Place an enquiry
  • Request swatches and catalogues
  • Make a trip-booking and shop-appointment
  • Request for alteration

In case there are any other requirements, customers are most welcome to contact our customer-services staff thru website form, email, phone or fax. Our customer services staff are always ready to provide round-the-clock support.




  • 舒適放鬆和服務周到的環境
  • 超過仟種適用於襯衫和洋服的布料
  • 資深員工負責為閣下進行量身和提供布料和穿戴技巧方面的專業意見
  • 便利客戶的試身按排
  • 優秀的售後服務




我們有林林總總的優質布料以供選擇,客戶可透過布料的品牌、原產地、物料、價格、顏色和圖案尋找合適的布料。我們的布料大多源自意大利和英國,一般客戶喜歡的品牌有Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis 和Dormeuil等,物料的選擇則有純棉、羊毛、亞麻布、絲綢和羊絨等


我們的裁縫師傅大都是超過30年豐富經驗, 除了發揮在缝製上, 也以傳統的師徒方式培養了為數不少的年輕裁縫來接班。隨著時代進步,如今我們的裁縫師傅通過觀摩和交流,技術方面比從前更勝一籌,他們採用立體剪裁讓衣服更貼身,新式機器的應用得以改良衣服的外觀和整體的質量,我們的裁縫甚至可以為客戶提供款式和配搭的意見。


  • 記錄準確的量身數據以及理解客戶的喜好和要求
  • 製作衣服的紙樣和剪裁布料
  • 縫製衣服的基本模型
  • 根據客戶的體型作出修改和調整
  • 細心縫合產品的各個部分
  • 為客戶試著完成的衣服
  • 若有需要會為客戶調整產品直到滿意為止
  • 保存最终的尺寸資料以供日後再訂購



  • 進行訂購
  • 查詢訂單進度和歷史訂購記錄
  • 註冊和修改個人資料
  • 提出查詢
  • 申請郵寄布料樣品和最新目錄
  • 在外地或陳列室進行預約
  • 申請修改產品