Following the Second World War and later the civil war in China, our founder, Mr. William Cheng, came to Hong Kong in 1950. Equipped with outstanding bespoke skills, he re-established himself as a small independent entrepreneur in the tailoring industry in 1958 serving both business associates and tourists (who came by ship). With the unexpected decease of Mr. William Cheng in 1982, the business was handed over to Mr. Sandy Cheng, his son, and hence renamed William Cheng & Son.

Since taking over, Sandy has devoted himself to learning the trade and to further strengthening the relationship with customers. Following in the footsteps of his father, he continued the excellent service by offering a large variety of fabrics, skillful measurements, advice on styles and cutting and an around-the-clock service to customers. Superior and stable product quality, reasonable pricing, meticulousness in providing for the needs of customers and efficient operations are all fundamental concepts in running this Company. In addition, he refused to advertise yet has created a trusting clientele for the company that thrives through word of mouth endorsements. As a result, the number of customers has increased tremendously over the years. The Company has successfully survived the global financial crisis and the disaster of SARS in Hong Kong. Today a significant number of our customers are business associates and, of the others, some are now the third generation of original customers.

Since the early days, the Company has grown and has developed multi-dimensional sales channels. More than ten years ago, Sandy established the "Trip Order Channel" in various countries. Starting from 2007, the Company evolved from a family business into an "Enterprise" through an expansion of professional staff and production facilities. Since then, many entities have become our agents, taking orders all over the world. Mail order was originally a service to complement shop orders, in order to facilitate overseas customers. Following technological advancement and changes in buying habits, this channel has become more and more popular and the Company decided to move one step further by creating an "Online Channel" in 2014. In future, this latest channel is expected to enhance the autonomy of customer services and to provide a more convenient channel for placing orders. Notwithstanding the technological and societal changes, the Company will always maintain the tradition of serving customers professionally and in the utmost good faith.

In 2021, we are pleased being the first tailor in Hong Kong to recive the award from the Unique Customer Value Program (UCVP) , this proves we highly value our customers by providing the exceptional services with our core value - "Fast, Precise and Accurate". In 2022, we understand the demand of high quality of female tailoring service and we are pround to introduce our GS Ladies Collection as our bespoke couture.


在經歷第二次世界大戰和中國本身的內戰後,我們公司的創辦人William鄭先生於1950年從國內抵達香港。擁有卓越的洋服縫製技術,鄭先生在香港輾轉从事一段時間後,在1958年開立了本身的洋服店,主要的客戶為乘船到港的旅客以及本土的商人,洋服店的業務自此蒸蒸日上。鄭先生不幸於1982年突然辭世,業務交由鄭先生的兒子Sandy接管,公司正式更名為William Cheng & Son。



在2021年,我們非常榮幸能夠成為第一間榮獲《UCVP超凡客戶價值認證的高級訂製洋服專門店》,全因我們十分重視每位顧客的服務體驗,並以認真態度看待,務求讓每位顧客能體驗我們"快、精、準"的超凡價值。於2022年,我們明白到女士訂製服裝的需求不斷上升,於是特別誠意推出GS Ladies Collection為女士們可以享受高品質的高級訂製服裝服務。